Join Breweries Across NC for the #NCBeer Pledge!

North Carolina's 328 breweries, taprooms, and brewpubs are leading the way in promoting the health and safety of our communities as we begin to reopen our businesses.  As breweries are already experts in sanitation and food safety standards, we will set the example for how to conduct operations that keep our customers and our employees safe.  The #NCBeer Pledge is our industry’s demonstration of that commitment to you.

When you see the Pledge displayed, you will know that your local taproom is in compliance with NCDHHS and CDC guidance, and has taken the necessary precautions to provide you with the reassurance that your health and safety are the first priority.

The 2nd part of the Pledge is your commitment, as a customer, to your community. We are asking our customers to take the #NCBeer Pledge for the safety of our staff, friends, and neighbors. We all have a role to play in protecting the common good and keeping everyone safe from the spread of COVID-19.?

By participating in the #NCBeer Pledge, our breweries pledge to YOU, our valued customers, that we are in compliance with COVID-19 recommended safety guidelines and are doing our part to protect the safety of our communities.

By participating in the #NCBeer Pledge, YOU pledge to us, your commitment to the community.  We are asking our customers to take the Pledge for the safety of our staff, friends, and neighbors. 

Many of our brewpubs and taprooms across the state will begin to reopen their doors this week for on-site consumption (NC's reopening Phase II begins Friday, May 22 at 5pm), so look for the #NCBeer Pledge to know you can rely on the health and safety measures that have been put into place to ensure a safe and comfortable visit to our taprooms and brewpubs.